Proudly serving North Carolina since 1942, including Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill, Cary, Apex, Burlington, Fayetteville, Greensboro, and Wilmington

Leadership Team

Nowhere is our commitment to building a talented team more evident than in our leadership team. DAC Awning’s experience, knowledge, and passion flow from its leaders, who demand only the best. Read more about our leaders’ roots, experience, and pursuits outside of work.

Geoff Brantley

President / General Manager

As our third generation DAC family successor, Geoff brings new energy and design to DAC Awnings.  Growing up in the awning business, he always believed “that some birds aren’t meant to be caged.”  As soon as he had a chance, he took his love for design and passion for surfing and headed to the Pacific “a warm place that has no memory.”  In Southern California, Geoff worked at Nissan & Infiniti where his love of design and creativity flourished.  He was able to foster this creativity through his endless passion for surfing which he got to do every day before and after work!  In 2006, the opportunity presented itself to move home and help his father reconstruct DAC Awnings for the next generation.  Together, with the help of the following friends and co-workers, they worked to create a business that they hope can withstand another 75 Years.  As the Shawshank Redemption fan would say, “hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things, and no good thing ever dies.”


Mike Schlage

Partner / Sales Director

As a forever optimist, Mike’s high ambition contributes to the success of DAC Awnings.  Obstacles are more like fun equations for this math whiz!  Born and raised in Cary, Mike attended UNCW, “where beautiful women flock like the salmon of Capistrano.” After a fun filled four years, Mike came back to the Triangle where he now has three boys and a loving (very patient) wife.   We have had the pleasure of having Mike lead sales for 11 years and he is a huge asset to DAC Awnings.  We love that he also bleeds North Carolina blood so if you ever need a short cut in this state make sure to ask him and when’s he’s not burning up the road, you’ll find this scratch golfer eyeing up the best courses to play.  Every day we are more and more certain that this Dumb and Dumber fan will take us to “a place where beer flows like wine!”

Jimmy Godwin

Partner / Operations Director

As our director of “patience and problem solving,” Jimmy is a natural born leader.  If DAC Awnings has a will, Jimmy finds a way to inspire people and make things happen. His monumental size reflects the size of role that he plays with our company.  When you meet him, only then, will you understand the fun nickname given to him by his father, Runt, but don’t dare speak of it or he may “strike down upon thee with great vengeance!”  When Jimmy is not orchestrating the next DAC masterpiece, you’ll find him chasing his desire to see all 50 states with hands firmly gripped to a beast with 700 horse power.  We are certain that this Pulp Fiction fan will always be our “Brother’s Keeper!”

Michele Mooney

Office Manager

As our calm voice of reason, Michele embodies harmony in the ever beating drum of DAC Awnings. Michele is a proud parent of two and got her degree in Accounting and this combination means she has got what it takes to be our “bouncer” who keeps our finances straight! However, it is her heart that makes her special. Recently she took in Buddy, a stray beagle she and Bret nearly ran over who is now like their third child.  When she is not saving animals and keeping the DAC machine finely tuned, you will find her in the Mountains with Bret, Buddy, and a few books to enjoy. We know if this Roadhouse fan learned her bouncing skills from Dalton, she will always keep us in line!